Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas is Coming

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I have begun my crafts and cookies.  I love Christmas and everything that comes with it.  I have my Christmas playlist on high rotation with the classic albums of Holly Cole, Bony M., The Nutcracker, and Mariah Carey among many other new and old holiday treasures.  Glace cherry shortbread ball cookies and gingerbread people have been made this week as I count down my twelve days of cookies (to be continued next week).  I was excited to find molasses at the grocery store when I didn’t think it was an Australian ingredient and my peppermint extract came in the mail today as that is also not something to be found down under. 

Another thing that comes a bit scarce at Christmas in Australia is snow, so this year I decided that I would inject our house with some magical snowflake bunting.  It took a while to cut out each snowflake and sew it to the rickrack but it was well worth my effort because now every year we will have a white Christmas. 
With my Christmas Cards posted and most of my presents purchased thanks to online shopping all I have to do now is sit back and watch some classic Christmas movies like The Grinch, Elf, Home Alone, and It’s a Wonderful Life.  Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Josh & Amy's 30th Birthdays

Josh and I have the same birthday... well my birthday is November 25th and his is November 26th, but because Canada is a day behind with the time change we are technically born on the same day.  This coincidence came in handy when we both turned 30 this year and wanted to have a big party together to celebrate.  We came up with the theme of a vintage backyard party with sunny-day games and then spent the next six months getting ready.  Josh finely manicured the lawn and planted flowers and I got crafty and finished off every detail from labels for food to cutting out and sewing bunting. We also spent a lot of time scavenging ebay and second-hand shops to find just the right vintage accessories to complete the look.
The day of the party all we could think of was the weather but the sun came out just in time to get some croquet games in and serve up our gourmet hotdogs and ice cream sundae station.  The photo booth was a hit and we ended up with some fun photos of our friends that will make us laugh for years to come!